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Our customers come to us for the accuracy and speed we offer.

Commit your translations to us, so you can obtain the best level of service we can offer.

We can offer our clients the best translation service with excellence, accuracy and compliance and they choose WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS for the following reasons:
By Accuracy

At OFFICIAL WORLD TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. we have a quality control step, that means each document sent to us is recreated by a native professional translator, verified by another one and then reviewed by a third party. And their documents are only entrusted to professional translators with experience in their field, they know the terminology. The reader of the finished document will realize on the quality of the work but will not know by the few steps that passed through.

By speed

We employ more than 15 of our staff translators and we have independent professional translators so they can cover practically any specialized subject in the languages ​​we offer.

By confidentiality and trust

Law firms, agencies, government entities, and multinational companies rely on us to translate their documents. Confidentiality, privacy and confidentiality are the issues we take very seriously. Once the translations are finished, they can be sent by a very secure server, or if the customer prefers, they are handled straight to the client in hardcopy and magnetic media as the client requires.

By service

Our customers come to us for our accuracy and speed. However, they continue to hire us because of the service we offer.

Absolute Precision Translations