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At WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. We have solid experience in the translation of complex financial documents as evidenced by financial translation work carried out for important auditing firms, among which we can mention KPMG Colombia, we have highly qualified financial and legal translators, as well as a proven quality assurance process in three steps.

All translators working for WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. are subject to strict confidentiality and corporate confidentiality agreements. Like our customers, we take confidentiality very seriously, their documents are handled in a very confidential way.

Our experience in financial document translation includes:
Annual reports.
Financial Statements.
Income statement.
Bank documents.
Balance sheets.
Cash flow statements.
Auditors’ reports.
Government tax reports.
Financial reporting guidelines.
Business plans.
Private and Public Offerings.
Insurance related documents.

At WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. we hire the best and most experienced financial and legal translators. Our translators are not only experts in the complexity of the languages ​​and in the financial terminology, but also they have specific knowledge in the subject. In addition, because of their advanced education, they are also quick to choose the requirements of a specific customer or industry.

Corporate audit executives and internal financial departments know that our expert translators work quickly to deliver all required documents and statements with unprecedented accuracy.

Once it has been recognized that supporting documentation for a recognition or income audit assignment must be translated into English as well as in the mother tongue to keep absolute transparency, the imperative changes rapidly: speed and absolute accuracy become primary objectives of our translated documents and financial statements.

In summary, we help refine our clients’ income recognition and overall auditing efforts through the absolute quality of the translation, performance efficiency and faithful interpretation of the original records.

Absolute Precision Translations