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Certification of a translated document creates a legal record that allows a document to be used for official purposes. At WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S. we follow strict standards of Colombian law so that our official translators have the resolution of the Ministry of Relations that accredit them as official translators and are registered on the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which will be recognized by any world or governmental organization that our translations of documents are valid.

Our official translations are accepted by the following organizations:
Offices of the United States Government and other foreign governments.
Immigration services of the Government of the United States and other foreign governments.
Academic institutions.
Medical institutions.
Adoption Agencies.
Business compliance and certification bodies.
Financial Services Entities.
Courts and legal entities.
The following is a partial list of official documents translated by WORLD OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS S.A.S .:
Academic records.
Adoption documents.
Civil Birth Records.
Customs documents.
Civil Records of Death.
Civil Marriage Records.
Civil Records of Divorce.
Driving Licenses.
Financial Records.
Immigration and Naturalization Documents.
Medical Records.
Personal Correspondence.
Background Records of the National Police.
Scripts, Lease Agreements, and General Contracts.
Sales Invoices.

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